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The Contra Dance Music Store

This is where you will find contra dance music CDs from all over the United States.

contra dance music

Atlantic Crossing Wind Against the Tide ($14.77)

Atlantic Crossing Full and Away ($14.77)

Atlantic Crossing Groundswell ($14.77)

Atlantic Crossing Turning the Compass ($14.77)

Atlantic Crossing Overtones and Undercurrents ($14.77)

Hilarie Burhans Put On the Skillet ($14.77)

Carnival Knowledge A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing ($14.77)

The Clayfoot Strutters Going Elsewhere ($14.77)

Contratopia Hands Four ($14.77)

Einstein's Little Homunculus Balancing Act ($14.77)

Donna Hebert Big Boned Beauty ($14.77)

Ill Mo Boys Laugh and Grow Fat ($14.77)

Jones, Miller, and Nelson All I've Gots Done Gone ($14.77)

KGB Contra-Intelligence ($14.77)

KGB In From the Cold ($14.77)

John Krumm and Bob Pasquarello Apples and Oranges ($14.77)

Laura and the Lava Lamps Primordial Groove ($14.77)

Tom MacKenzie Wake Me When Its Over ($14.77)

Tom MacKenzie Second Course ($14.77)

Magic Truck String Band Voyage of the Magic Truck ($14.77)

Magic Truck with Jim Tolles Hard for to Love ($14.77)

Jeremiah McLane Smile When You're Ready ($14.77)

Jeremiah McLane and Ruthie Dornfeld Hummingbird ($14.77)

Jeremiah McLane Freetown ($14.77)

Michael Mendelson A Fiddler's Notebook ($14.77)

Elvie Miller and Naomi Morse Grapevine ($14.77)

Rodney Miller Airdance ($14.77)

Rodney Miller/Aidance Flying on Home ($14.77)

Rodney Miller Airplang ($14.77)

Rodney Miller Airplang 2 ($14.77)

Miller and McQuillen Pure Quill ($14.77)

Nightingale The Coming Dawn ($14.77)

Nightingale Sometimes When the Moon is High ($14.77)

Penk, Curley, and Songer Portland Selection ($14.77)

Pig's Eye Landing Gypsy Stomp ($14.77)

Popcorn Behavior Journeywork ($14.77)

Popcorn Behavior Strangest Dream ($14.77)

Portland Megaband Plays Well with Others... ($14.77)

Reckless Ramblers Lowdown Hoedown ($14.77)

Red Mountain White Trash Sweet Bama ($14.77)

Red Mountain White Trash Chickens Don't Roost Too High ($14.77)

Red Mountain White Trash Fire in the Dumpster ($14.77)

Ian Robb Jiig ($14.77)

Round the House Keep this Coupon ($14.77)

Lissa Schneckenburger Different Game ($14.77)

Lissa Schneckenburger Phantom Power ($14.77)

Lynn Chirps Smith Down in Little Egypt ($14.77)

David Surette Trip to Kemper ($14.77)

Brendan Taaffe Come Sit By My Chair ($14.77)

Ryan Thomson Newmarket Duets ($14.77)

Three Good Reasons Montague Processional ($14.77)

Uncle Gizmo Uncle Gizmo ($14.77)

Unger and Snowe Waltz Time ($14.77)

Pam Weeks Waiting for the Perseids ($14.77)

Wild Asparagus Tone Roads ($14.77)

Wild Asparagus Call of the Wild ($14.77)

Wild Asparagus From the Floor Up ($14.77)

Wild Asparagus Wherever You Go ($14.77)
contra dance music

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